Helping Haiti

If you are in the LA-area, (have come down from your Christmas high and need a quick sugar fix) will you pop over to my friend’s place tomorrow and buy some treats? ALL the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders to help the Haiti earthquake victims.


And our Daisy troop is collecting gently worn shoes for the Soles 4 Souls program as well. We need to drop them off next weekend (1/30-31) so they can be sent to Haiti. If you have some shoes clogging up your closets (and live reasonably close!) give me a call and I’ll come take them off your hands.

6 thoughts on “Helping Haiti

  1. darn it! i wish i lived reasonably close. i love me a good bake sale!
    good luck collecting shoes. that is a great project for your daisy troop!! :)

  2. I would love to send the info out about Soles 4 Souls to our GS troop. Does any drop-off location send them to Haiti? Thx :)

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