Soaking up every last drop ~ Best Shot Monday

I actually didn’t take too many photos this weekend. We spent a little time in front of the camera when Rose agreed to take some family photos, and I snapped this on our way home from the beach. Trying to soak in that last bit of tranquility before December descends upon us. And all (cuss)* breaks loose!


*We also got to see Fantastic Mr. Fox this weekend. Might be one of the best movies, no wait…it was by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in months! We had intended to go see it for the kids. While the girls liked it, I think you could say J. and I LOVED it.

The “What the cuss?” line is my favorite line from it. And yes, I have put it into rotation.


10 thoughts on “Soaking up every last drop ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. Isn’t it great when kid’s movies turn out to be super entertaining? I remember seeing ‘Monster’s Inc’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ and laughing til it hurt. December is shaping up to be a complete *cuss*fight here (hahaha)….one thing after another! Glad you could soak up this beautiful view and some calm. Looking forward to seeing the family photos.

  2. Hee, hee…I hear ya!

    Can’t wait to see the family pics!!!! We are looking to do that too….sometime in the near future.

    Don’t you love So Cal? I actually get the urge to go to the beach more when it’s cooler out, I love to bundle up and walk on the beach. Last time we saw a pod of dolphins surfing with the surfers…so cool.

    Happy Last day of November!! I’m gonna try and make it count before the *CUSS hits the fan!

  3. Beautiful sunset shot – I love the colors and silhouette. Will have to check out the movie – sounds like fun for the entire family!

  4. I am glad to know it is good. We were thinking about taking the kids to see it. I can’t wait to see some of the shots Rose took.

  5. oh yes, that is SUCH a peaceful shot. maybe you should pin it up somewhere and look at throughout december when you start feeling holiday stress :) .

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