Crafty Tuesday

I hinted last week that I might have a dress or two to show you today.

And here they are…I know my mother-in-law has been waiting to see these, since she helped me scour the flea market for some good vintage pillowcases to re-purpose into these sweet little dresses.

As I was scrambling to get a few photos I realized, I need to find a good spot to photograph all this stuff, especially for when we need to put them in the shop. The photos are not the best, and the lighting and color is all off. And I might need a cute little model or two for them. Wonder if I might be able to find one?

Addie’s fave dress is the first one (with the cats, of course) and she keeps asking me if we don’t sell that one if she can “buy it?” Maybe she and I can work out some sort of modeling deal in trade for clothing?

Em has already put dibs on this one…


I had some bits of fabric left and made a few other dresses too…


Now I’m off to make some supercapes. Anybody have some goodies to share this week?

9 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Oh I just love these so much……… I have seen them everywhere and really really like them.
    Now super capes are more up my alley with my boys. But hose dresses are so darn sweet

  2. Oh lucky you in finding so many pretty vintage pillowcases! These dresses are just lovely. I especially like the one that Em picked out…she has good taste. :) Great job in getting them all done and ready to stock up your store. Finding a good place to photograph is really key. What I do is put a clear wreath hanger over one of my wood doors and put the dresses or whatever on the hanger and photograph it like that. Or I use my mannequin that I picked up at Homegoods. By far the best choice is to put it on your little model. Clothes sell better when they are modeled, so I hear.

    I have a few goodies to share this week, too. :)

  3. Man, you totally racked up on vintage pillowcases. I have a whole pile of pillowcases that I can’t seem to cut into, but they aren’t the pretty embroidered ones like you found. The dresses lookl perfect. I struggle with photographing my stuff too. It’s fine when it is sunny out, but it has been dreary and rainy here which isn’t good for photographing. I am with Stacy. I think live models will be the best. Bribery may be in order.

    I have a couple a things to show this week too.

  4. OK, comment thing is weird for me again…at first I couldn’t enter my email….hopefully it’s just doing that for me….


    Those pillow case dresses are to die for!! I wish I could wear one! And with today’s weather, I would!

    After leaving a comment on Jen’s post I decided to put together a crafty tuesday post for next week…I will just post a warning to my familia, that is they peek….no presents!


  5. Holy cow! CUTENESS! And LOTS of it. You and just churning this stuff out at an unreal rate. I adore these dresses, and know N would be all over the kitties, too!

  6. How cute! I love the idea of pillow case dresses. It’s so neat seeing a wonderful idea for reuse put into motion. :) Too bad I don’t have any little girls….

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