This & That Thursday

Seriously. It isn’t Friday yet? Really? I swear this is the longest week. Ever.


Every year about this time, I get all amped up and make it my mission to figure out how I can simplify our lives. Live more simply. Really appreciate what we have and what the holiday season could really bring to us, instead of the stress it usually does. Rarely do I find any sort of success, but I’m having a go at it again this year. I’m really going to try.

First up…on Monday, I turned off Facebook. Oh. Yes. I. Did!

I realized I spend far too much time reading status updates. There are some “friends” that I will genuinely miss seeing what they are up to, and I will check in on them occasionally – but maybe once a week or so instead of several times a day.

And not only that, I just wiped my GoogleReader clean, too. It is clean – zero unread blog posts. I realized that there is no possible way I was going to ever get to read all of the posts, I was so far behind. So I’m starting fresh. It is very liberating. Don’t worry, the downsizing of computer time will not affect my blog. Much. Well, I’ll still strive for a few posts a week, let’s leave it at that.


Every single day someone shows me, or I find, a new craft project or something that we can make in our Workshop, and I want to just make them all! I have all kinds of handmade gift ideas rolling around in my head for nearly everyone on my list…I’m just hoping that I get some of them done.

Thanks for all of your kind words about our Two Birdies excitement. We are furiously creating for the Holiday Boutique on December 4th, and I figure anything *extra* that we don’t sell we’ll post in our etsy store. I may put some photos up there next week and see if we have any interest, especially in the supercapes and such. I’ll post when we get something up there.

I’m getting a little something from my wishlist next weekend, too, a sort of early Christmas present to me. We are finally getting a family photo (or two!) taken. My lovely blog friend, Rose, has kindly squeezed us into her hectic schedule and she is going to shoot us on the beach! A real photo of the four of us has been on my list for about three years now, so needless to say, I am beyond thrilled. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with and to also meet her in-real-life.


I was trying to take some photos for a friend last week for her Christmas card which is what led to the impromptu concert photos in her kitchen from yesterday. For those of you who asked, they were belting out the Taylor Swift song, Love Story. The girls have loved that song for quite awhile now, and we taped SNL when she performed it a few weeks ago. Emma saw it, and…well, she now has Taylor’s “moves” down (Oh yes, Christina! The hips and everything!) and thinks she is a rock star. Yes, she is six. *Sigh.* Julie did get some video of it, I’ll have to try to get it from her. It is pretty priceless.


Meanwhile, when Addie isn’t spending all of her time cracking us up, she is on the hunt for “churkeys.” There is one of those blow-up turkey lawn decorations down the street from us and while we were driving past it the other day, Ad screamed, “Ahhhh!! Mama! Did you see the churkey?” I swear that is how she says turkey…churkey. I have to get that on video, too. It’s so cute. So yeah, I do drive a little out of the way just so I can hear her little voice pipe up, “There the churkey is, Mama!”

Speaking of “churkeys” we got a new stove. Just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie and the start of Christmas baking! 4 working burners, two oven racks and an oven that really heats up to what the dial asks it to? It really is the simple things that makes this girl happy, I tell you.

Now, why do I think of a million things all week long that I can “just put into the T&T Thursday post,” but then I can never remember any of them when I actually sit down to write this? Ah well. There is always next week.

Happy Only-One-Day-Away-From-Friday Day!

7 thoughts on “This & That Thursday

  1. I can’t wait to see your family pictures from Rose. She’ll do a great job!

    Ah simplifying. Well you know the state of my mind right now…chaos! We did do a rather successful toy purge the last few days. I had a charity pickup scheduled for today so I wanted to get as much unused stuff out as I could. I didn’t get through everything, but at least I had a good bunch of bags. That made me feel better! The holidays are my favorite time of year, so I am really bummed about it all being disturbed right now. I think we do need to get the bathroom done now, though. *sigh* I guess we’ll just muddle through…

  2. That is so cool that Rose is taking your pictures. I bet they will be fabulous. I do the same thing this time of year- trying to simplify my life- and usually end up back where I started. I hope you are able to find a good balance.

    I could not agree with you more about FB. I rarely post updates, etc. but spend WAY too much time reading everyone else’s. It is a total time suck. I have slowly been doing less and less with the blog too. It just seems less important lately, which isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Glad you are simplifying. I go through blog and facebook fazes. Right now it’s nice to check in and see what other people are up to and not think about what I’m up to – lol….

    Can’t wait to see the photos. Rose has a great blog and takes some great photos. How exciting for you all!

  4. Great roudn up. Boy I can empathise with the need to turn off facebook and focus on real life. I think I have been doing it a bit lately, the trouble is my blog is suffering. These pics are gorgeous. The empty swing? The light in Addie’s hair? Can’t wait to see the family portraits…oh and the etsy shop sounds so exciting!!!!! Fun things happening down your way. Enjoy your churkey!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait to see you family photo, Rose’s picture are amazing so I know you will get a great photograph!
    I have totally done the “mark all as read” on a few occasions, like you said, Very Liberating.

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