Me, My Girl, and Some Cocoa

It was a chilly, fall-like morning, well, I know it is all relative, but it was chilly for us. I was enjoying a big cup of coffee and Addie had moved all of her Polly Pockets to the one spot where the sun was streaming in through the windows.


“Mama? Do you want to play with me? You can bring your coffee over here and be the Mom?”


“Hey, wait! When it is cold outside we should have some hot cocoa! Can you have your coffee and make me some hot cocoa? Please, Mama?”


Who can say no to that? And she “helped” make the cocoa with very specific instructions. “I need the Winnie-the-Pooh cup, Mama!” I have had this mug for over 10 years, 15 maybe? Wait. I may have had it in college… At any rate, it’s been around a long time. And I love that the girls like to use it. It is definitely a good hot cocoa mug.


It is also nice when there is only one girl around, so there is no fighting over the Pooh mug.


And no fighting over the camera either. I decided as long as it was all sunny and my girl was being sweet that the camera needed a little bit of love, too.


So the camera got some shooting time…


Addie got some Polly Pocket playing time with Mommy…


And Mommy got some warm fall sunshine, good coffee, and girl time with her favorite 4-year old.

Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

12 thoughts on “Me, My Girl, and Some Cocoa

  1. Oh so cute. She is lovely. Glad you ladies had a great time. I am jealous of your definition of cold ;) LOL.

  2. Fifth photo down – utterly charming. One on one time is so fleeting around here. So good that you could enjoy it with camera in hand. That’s the best way. ;)

  3. Adorable pictures!! Sure looks like everyone won on this day!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Definitely a good time. I like having those moments with my kids too where it is just one of them and me. Good bonding times. :)

    Oh yes, it was 63 degrees in our house last night/this morning. Heater not working…not good for when it is getting cold here.

  5. No, it doesn’t get any better than that!! Man, oh man you got some great shots of Addie. She is so gorgeous and the light was perfect.

  6. Way way cute! What fun, it’s almost that time to have tiny marshmallows with hot chocolate that’s for sure. :)

    I love the sunlight in your shots too. They turned absolutely perfect!

  7. Carrie- I know you are a fantastic photographer but seriously? Addie is so beautiful, she is breathtaking.

    Glad you have had a nice day!

  8. How sweet! Yum, makes me want a hot cocoa now!

    Those shots of Addie are so lovely, she is so photogenic and those curls…oh, my!

  9. Oh the second to last one :-D Makes me smile!!!!! Have I mentioned before that Addie looks like one pf those porcelain dolls???? Love your Pooh mug too. I have always been a big fan, especially of the original drawings, not those Disney travesties!!!

  10. What a precious, precious 4-yr old and a few precious moments to remember forever too! Love the pics of her – she’s just gorgeous!

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