Craft Tuesday

I’m late, I’m late…for a very important crafty date!

Not really since, well, it is TUESDAY. But I’m usually more organized and have my posts ready to post first thing so our East coast friends can peruse during those sweet, quiet morning moments before all chaos hits. (Ha, I know somewhere there has to be quiet, coffee-sipping, morning moments, right?) But as you can plainly see, that didn’t happen last night. We are running around trying to play catch-up all over the place, while fighting colds, and unfortunately that did not leave much time for crafting this week.

We did deliver our birthday gift for our friend last week, and it was only two weeks late!


I think Alexander’s super-cape is actually cooler than Ad’s. The color is better, and looks “more super.” Addie’s pink is too light, almost white. But they were cute playing with them. With the fires finally (mostly) out, we can get back outside and burn off some pent up energy. I didn’t realize how much I took an hour at the park for granted until we did not have the opportunity.

I also received a special delivery. J. brought a tee home from our friend in Chicago while he was out there last week.

Formoda T

Addison took the photo – I told her it didn’t have to have my head, but I guess that means I don’t need 2 arms either. Ah well, this was the only one in focus. But you can see the most awesome print, how cool is that? You can wander through Marcy’s site, Formoda, for some other cool stuff.

And that’s all I’ve got this week. I need some inspiration to get me back on crafty track. Have anything?

11 thoughts on “Craft Tuesday

  1. You did such a great job on those capes – they are super cute! That shirt of yours is also pretty nice. Love the print design!

    I have 4 more little girl dresses on my blog today. I have another one I took a picture of this morning, but it will be headed to the chopping block. Not all my designs work on the first run. I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s wearable but not quite right, so mama has to do some surgery on it before I post it.

  2. Those capes sure are super cool. What a great birthday present. I love all the unsuspecting animals popping up in the tree on you t-shirt. Very cute.

    I have a skirt I made for Harper up today.

  3. I think I agree with you on the capes but meh! As if Addie cares :-D . They both still rock! I think A did a great job on the photo there. The print is the central focus and apparently nowadays its very cool to cut off parts of your subjects :-)
    I have some costumes to show this week :-D . Of course.

  4. The capes are AWESOME! I wonder if wearing one would make ME feel more invincible and on top of the world….

    The shirt is also lovely, but honestly my first shot at seeing the picture was “Hot Mama!”

  5. I think Addie’s photo rocks (as does the creator of this shirt)! It’s all the rage on the sewing blogs to frame a garment shot EXACTLY like she did. She’s got a good eye. :)

    The kids look like they’re having a blast in the capes, and that’s definitely worth all your hard work.

  6. Love the capes, did you use a pattern or did you develop that on your own? Better yet, you could make and sell them! I would like to place the first order if your ever decide *grin*!

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