Another birthday comes along…

Wow. You all sure do know how to make a girl feel loved.

I had an amazing day. Possibly one of the best birthdays ever. And I didn’t even notice, or care, that I turned thirty -s*cough* *cough*… ahem. Well, I didn’t even notice that I turned one year older today.

Thanks so much for all of the well wishes, phone calls, emails, facebook shout-outs, etc. It was such a fun day.

My darling little six-year old made sure that Daddy helped her with a chalk birthday card first thing this morning…


…and after gorgeous flowers (Thanks Meesh, Deej & girlies!) and some fun gift certificates, (and $$ towards a new lens!! Eeeee…Thanks J, Mom & Dad!), we headed to the happiest place on Earth. (Huge thanks to Jeff!) And, yes – Disney really is where I wanted to spend my birthday.

And it was perfect. No lines, hardly any waiting, no crowds, all the best rides, and beautiful weather. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Plus, the memory of hearing my Mom on the Indiana Jones ride…I’m still not sure if she was crying or laughing…but it was hysterical!

Cinco de Mayo at Disney

Thanks everyone for making me feel so very loved. It was an amazing day.

12 thoughts on “Another birthday comes along…

  1. I choke on the second part of that thirty-something also. I actually have to think about it because I’m in complete denial.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday and that your parents were there to celebrate with you!

  2. Oh, how sweet of Em!

    Disney on your b-day, girl…that’s the only way to go!

    Glad it was a great one, what lens are you getting??!!


  3. Yeah, I’m so glad you had such a happy day! I love the picture of you and Em with your mom and dad. Talk to you soon.

  4. So glad you had a wonderfully special day! I love your chalk card tradition…we may have to adopt that here! What lens are you looking at?

  5. Happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like a perfect birthday. Can’t wait to hear about that new lens.

  6. How funny, I wondered if you had gone to Disneyland! And you did! (I am slightly envious that you are closer to a new lens…oh how I want one – a certain one.) I love the patio birthday wishes too. How fun.

    Okay, we’re done with our regular Tuesday/Thursday routines as of today. Still busy on M/W/F until 1PM.

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