Crafty Tuesday

My parents are here this week – well, until tomorrow – so I haven’t had a chance to craft much again.

But before they came Addie and I had a little crafty day with her friend, while their older sisters went to a birthday party. We had found a little suncatcher kit and did some painting.

Crafty cuties

These were the two I completed…


And these was the day’s haul…


It was a fun little activity. Although it was not washable paint…um, sorry Erin! I hope it came out of little E.’s dress!

And, I made this one little card for the birthday party. I love how it turned out and I was thinking I would make some as backups, but I guess I would have to make some with like 4, 5, and 6 little tags. Eh, maybe it isn’t really something I can make ahead of time.


I haven’t had a lot of time to read blogs this week, but I’ll be catching up later in the week!

10 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. cute crafts as always! But, really I’m here today to wish you a very happy birthday!!!

  2. Those suncatchers are too cute. What a great craft idea for the kids. That card is adorable too. I have a skirt I made for Harper using Stacy’s tutorial up on my site.

  3. What great crafts! I love those suncatchers. That would be a fun project for the kids. That card is really cute, too. :)

    I have a story and a pillow up today…for Kailan’s two front teeth. It has been a tough week, and I still have a cold (probably a sinus infection by now!) after about three weeks. I actually did get a few other things done this weekend, but I’ll post them next week.

    From the other comments it looks like it is your birthday…have a great day!


    I did a little crafting this week…. but didn’t take any pics. I got a few Mother’s Day cards made and finished one layout for Will’s book…. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to our special daughter! We are so happy to be able to be here with you today.

    You changed us from a “couple” to a “family”, and our lives have never been the same.

    You have constantly, from that first moment, impressed us, amazed us, delighted us, taught how to love more, learn more, have more patience.

    And now with your own family we are still impressed and so very proud of all you accomplish.

    Have a happy day, we’re glad we can spend it with you.

    Mom and Dad

  6. The suncatchers are darling and the card is adorable (love that design!) but most importatly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    P.S. Your parents are the sweetest. :)

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