There is nothing like the feeling of sun on your face and sand beneath your toes…


I know technically summer is a few months off, and many of you are still waiting for signs of spring.

So it probably feels a little unfair that we had an amazing, as “summer-like” as it can get, type of weekend around here.

Today it was 95 degrees, and tomorrow we are supposed to hit 100 in the valley.

Hello, summer!


22 thoughts on “Hello…summer?

  1. I love the sun in my face but 100 is just too hot. I’ll take the sun in my face and 75.

  2. And here — we are expecting 1 to 4 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. You go, Addie — enjoy all the sun that we are not getting!

  3. I’m not jealous. In fact, I feel sorry for you. Around here, the summer temps come all too soon, we hope to hold them off as long as possible! the beach does sound nice, tho…Oh, and Nadia says she wants Ad’s kitty dress.

  4. It was hot here too!! We had some sushi and a scoop and just relaxed…ahhh….(wish it was still Sunday!)

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Ha, Vic! I’m telling you it doesn’t feel like 100 though…we don’t have the icky humidity. So it might be hot, but if you are sitting in the shade with a nice drink…it is perfect!

  6. Addie looks so thrilled to be in the sunshine.
    I wish we’d get a little more of that here. I’m in no rush for it to be 100 degrees… or even 90 degrees. But I would be in Heaven if we could get into the 70s regularly.

  7. Yes, summer comes fast here too. I enjoy every moment of sprinf because it is gone too fast. Beautiful shot of Addie.

  8. and the beach is the best place to be in that kind of weather! those golden curls just spring to life in that light.

  9. Beautiful shot of her…that definitely looks like summer!

    We may be blessed with an 80 degree day or two later this week. WEIRD, but I’ll take it! Of course right now it’s not even 50 LOL!

  10. It was crazy warm here on the east coast for a while on saturday, too, but nowhere near 95! The sky makes for an amazing frame around those golden curls!

  11. So cute! Where you are feels like worlds away from where I am at the moment… Still in the midst of the three feet of snow that we got a few days ago that the sun is working hard to melt. Soak up a little extra sun for me!

  12. Oh the curls, the sunlight, the blue ocean, the blue sky… She looks beautiful and happy and free! It’s hard to believe it is 95 degrees. She looks cool and refreshed to boot! Beautiful shot!

  13. She looks like a California girl through and through — I hope that you guys don’t plan to move away from that great sunshine!

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