How many girlies…

…can you fit in a hammock?


Do you think the cousins are having a good time? Yes. I think possibly so.

We are soaking up as much of Aunt Meesh and the cousins as we can, while we can. And although I have well over 700 photos to go through, this one is my favorite and my Best Shot Monday for today. I think it speaks well to the complete joy we are feeling that they are here with us.

Make sure to hang around over at Tracey’s for a bit, to catch some other fun shots.

12 thoughts on “How many girlies…

  1. Oh! Hammock days! I remember playing “lost at sea” with my best friend in our neighbor’s hammock (not even one of our own). We’d knock on the door and beg to use it for a while. We truly would get “lost” in the moment as the afternoon turned to evening, and our parents had to come looking for us in the hammock. Your photo is beautiful, but it truly takes me back into the photos of my own memory. Thank you!

  2. this made me smile! something about cousin shots are so great. love how they are all so candid, looking different directions, having a blast — great capture on your part!

  3. What a great shot of the girlies! They look like they are having a great time. I bet they are so excited to be someplace WARM, too. I know I would be!

  4. I think it fabulous! I love all their smiley faces. You definitely get a sense of the fun they are having.

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