The Nutcracker in 5 minutes

Em’s dance teacher usually does one big recital at the end of the year, but before the semester break she lets the parents come in to see the progress the dancers have been making. Last week the class did a version of the Nutcracker – the five minute version.

Em is the very first dancer, the first snow fairy – she had to hold her arabesque the longest, she told me later that it was a good thing I made her eat her protein, so her muscles didn’t get tired.

I asked her if she was nervous having to dance by herself and she said, “Yes. I was nervous in my tummy and then I just looked at you and I didn’t feel nervous anymore – because I knew it was just all the Mamas!”

And Addie giving her favorite ballerina a little hug after it was over.


Miss Caroline supplied the hooker-red lipstick, which of course all of the girls loved. It was promptly wiped off as much as possible before her other performance that evening – the school Christmas program.

And yes, I did let Addie go out of the house like that. And no, she was not going to dance class. But I LOVE the boots, and going for the layered look with not one – but two tutus!

10 thoughts on “The Nutcracker in 5 minutes

  1. as i’ve learned with motherhood—some things are not worth the battle—and what they want to wear is not a battle in my house unless it’s a special occasion!

    good job em! i’m glad momma made you eat your protein, too!

  2. No problem understanding why Em was the leader! She did a perfect job! Congrats, Emma Gracie!!

  3. Goodness but that’s darling. Can’t wait for N to be in dance – she’s started talking about it here recently. Em was totally the star! And I love Addie’s sense of fashion.

  4. That is awesome! And Addie’s outfit? Also awesome. I think I need her to give me some fashion pointers…I could use some help!

  5. OMG. Emma has TALENT!!!!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Such focus! Such a pointe! Thank you so much for sharing this little bit of your family with us. I loved every minute :-)

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