And now we have a teenager…

Dear Gracie Girl,

I kinda can’t believe that it is true, but it is indeed official. You are a bona fide teenager as of today. Yet I’m still trying to figure out how we got from this sweet little girl…


…to this all grown up teenager.


As much as I will always think of you as that little girl of mine, it has become very apparent to me this past year that you are anything but a little girl any longer.

Right before my eyes you have grown into this beautiful, confident, kind and caring young lady.


I’m constantly in awe of you, Gracie Girl. Just when I think I have you figured out, you go and do something totally out of the “Emma-norm” and completely surprise me. And I’m (not-so-secretly) so very happy to have such a talented and creative daughter.


From being the best Big Sister…IMG_1909


To being an all-around good and dependable friend…


I think it is safe to say you are destined for very great things. And I’m so privileged to be around to witness them.

IMG_9272 2

You add so much laughter, fun, and joy to our family and I’m thankful every single day for you and your great love.

May your teen years be a breeze. Happy 13th Birthday, my sweet, sweet little girl.

Love You Always,

One thought on “And now we have a teenager…

  1. Wow. Here we are. A place I visited 7-8 years ago with the BA, when you were still a little tyke Emma Grace……
    I feel for your Mom. From the moment you guys were born, we prayed for you to grow up, safe, strong, independent, happy…. And now you have! And we feel a little bit lost because in praying for your growth we might just have forgotten how it would feel to be without the young, dependent you.
    The BA always says to me….”But Mum…I’m still ME” and I know she’s right; but for us Moms, there is always a tiny weeny sense of loss as you grow up and step out on your precious journey. I was blown away by your photos as I saw them today. I can see the confident, capable young woman you are going to be (well, look at the people who ‘growed’ you :-D ) and I feel privileged to have watched you on your journey…even from afar, in Australia. Happy birthday Emma Grace. May you continue to delight, challenge and shed light upon all those around you. Especially your Mum and Dad. Kisses and blessings from across the waves. Arizaphalexxxx

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