Double Digits…All the fingers…Finally.

Dear Addison Rose,

Oh, Rosie Toes. The day is finally here. You leave the single digit ages behind, and embark on the new adventure of double digit-dom. Finally. Waiting to turn 10, when nearly all of your friends have already had their double digit birthdays – well, that has truly been an exercise in patience, hasn’t it my sweet, impatient one?


Along with a lot of waiting, this long year has brought so many great changes for you. I watched you a few weeks ago as you were so frightened and on the verge of giving up. After you worked through all of your “I can’t do its,” you climbed to the top of a 40-foot tree and then precariously balanced and walked a tightrope wire between two trees. FORTY-feet above the ground.¬†Slowly I could see your fear growing into persistence as you learned that you may be small, but you are definitely¬†mighty. DSC_3856

And your confidence has grown by leaps and bounds this past year. I loved getting to the ballet studio early and peeking in the window to watch you demonstrate a dance combination to the class. And I loved standing in the wings with you backstage watching you while you clasped hands with your friends and anxiously awaited your cue to go on stage. Really I just love any moment when I can sit back and watch the complete joy on your face while you dance or express yourself creatively.


And of course, your love for all animals is still so strong and has led you to becoming a full-on, completely dedicated vegetarian this past summer. (I really should’ve seen that one coming.) Once you make your mind up about something, there really is no going back.


This past year might have seemed like an eternity to you, but you managed to pack a lot in, Addikins. And it is all working for you, kiddo. Keep on, keeping on.


We love the strong, funny, creative, and beautiful girl you are growing into. May your next year be just as amazing.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.
I couldn’t possibly love you more,

2 thoughts on “Double Digits…All the fingers…Finally.

  1. Oh, Carrie — I actually had tears in my eyes when I saw her birthday picture! She is no longer a little girl but a beautiful young lady with every possibility out in front of her. What a privilege you and James have to raise her — and are doing an awesome job of it! Love you lots, mother of 2!

  2. I too was moved, to remember a photo taken, so many years ago…the first time I laid eyes on Addie. It was a portrait of a porcelain doll-like baby, with golden curls, as the sun dappled shadows over her face. Now, to see her so beautiful, confident, radiant….well, I feel as if we have travelled a little bit of the journey with you. Happy birthday Addie. May this year be the start of the rest of your grand adventure.

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