Not-so Crafty Tuesday

It is almost not-so Tuesday any more, actually.  And I am here without a crafty thing to show.

I did a lot of “must do’s” this week…helped with 20 gold vests for lovely gold bunnies dancing in their first ballet performance.  But alas, I didn’t get a photo of the bunnies in their costumes. I did, however, get this cute pic of the performers. Can you see the relief on their faces? They were fantastic.


Besides ballet, ballet, ballet this weekend – I took the Brownies on an overnight. That really deserves a post all to its’ own – maybe when I get those photos downloaded, and have had a few more cups of coffee, I will bevrecuperated enough and ready to relive that experience.

I have been promising my mom that I would post some photos of our living room re-do that has been in progress for approximately three months now. It started when we stayed in the villa back in November and it was decided (a whole family decision, mind you) that we needed a larger, more “lounge-y” sofa.

So we began a very long search and found one similar in shape and size to the one we fell in love with on Catalina. And then I took the photo to a fantastic place in downtown LA that builds your sofa with your sizes, choice of fabrics – and the added bonus – quite cheaply!  So we got a new sofa. J. was adamant that it should be a very dark color, and I finally gave in on his sofa color choice, but told him that we would need a new rug because it would be far too dark in our already kind of dark room.

So once our sofa was installed, the hunt for the rug began. Three rugs later I think we have found one we all love to walk on and works in the room.

And then…(oh, of course there is always an “and then…”) we needed a new coffee table. After several ottoman and table try-outs, I think we have also found a table that works.

So here is where we are right now…


Sofa = Room for all of us to lay completely down at the same time + a nice warm (dark!) color + a fabric the kitty doesn’t seem to “need” to sharpen her claws on (it is a low-pile, almost chenille-like fabric). Plus, it fills out our very large space that we have in the living room.

Rug = Yes, it is a cream color, but so far so good. And yes, it is indeed a “shag.” My mom incredulously asked me, “A shag? Like the ugly shag carpet you used to have in your bedroom?” Um…yes? It is so very nice on the feet, though.

Table = I love the round table, we have a lot of boxy, square shapes in the room, so a little circle is nice. The glass on the top is a bit of a pain, but it is worth it, I think.

One of the things I love is that the chaise opens up so we can enjoy the fireplace, too. And now I need to work on that photo project over the mantle. One thing always seems to lead to another…


8 thoughts on “Not-so Crafty Tuesday

  1. The couch looks super comfy and perfect for your space. Thanks for the link to the photo mantel. Love that idea!!

  2. I think I have sofa-envy ….that looks like the most comfy and roomy sofa in the world.

  3. I too have sofa envy — that couch looks fabulous…and comfy too! Alas, I don’t think that I could fit a sofa that size in my living room. Too bad… :) I have also seemed to be bitten by the redecorating bug…I have rearranged and redone several rooms in the last few days… I have to say, redecorating is an expensive hobby!

  4. The girls look beautiful, especially Em… I love your new sofa… It’s perfect for the room. Your rug doesn’t look anything like your purple shag you had…must be the color hey! The table really fits the grouping.
    You did good Bean.

  5. Oh I LOVE it! So *green* here. The concept of our family all lying on the sofa at one time however, fills me with amusement!

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