Crafty Tuesday

Hey, I have a legit Crafty Tuesday entry today!

Finally, I got one of those little study snuggly block quilts done. Yes, those quilts that I had started for the girls awhile ago. Like…um, back before Christmas?

So I started with Em’s – hers is birds, owls and lots and lots of polka-lots.

2011.02.21 - crafty_0013.jpg

Hmmm…perhaps I should have smoothed it out a bit before I photo’d it. But I quilted the front and batting together (stitched in the ditch – is that what it is called?) and then backed it with a yummy tangerine flannel.  And then tied it in the corners with turquoise yarn. I got squeals when she came downstairs on Sunday morning, so I think she liked it. She has been snuggling with it ever since.

2011.02.21 - crafty_0014.jpg

And, Tiger and I have been using it on the sofa in the evening after she pops off to bed. It is warm and definitely snuggly.

2011.02.21 - crafty_0016.jpg

Now, of course I have a certain little 5-year old who asks almost hourly when her kitty cat quilt will be done.  Off to finish that one up.

5 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Carrie, that is so pretty! It does look nice and warm and snuggly. I can just hear Addie, too. That is what would be going on in our house, too. “Where is mine?!” LOL! Get cracking, mama!

  2. No wonder Em loves it so much…I would too! So bright and cheerful, and it looks super snuggly too. Well done, another victory for Carrie!

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