Crafty Tuesday

My idea has come to life. This is pretty close to what I envisioned when I picked up those vintage aprons at the flea market all those many weeks ago.


I put a little white slip underneath it and used the apron ties for the straps on the sundress. I saw a dress on etsy (I’m sure) that used the buttonholes and knotted the straps so I knew that I wanted to do that on these dresses as well. That way I can let it out as someone sprouts up an inch (or two!) in a matter of months. They ties are a little long, but the ends are so cute, I don’t want to cut them off.


This of course is v1.0. The minute Em put this on, my other little birdie was wondering when hers will be done. So v2.0 is on its way. I think I will try to do a little elastic in the back maybe, instead of pleating?



I also finished the art purses for Em and Ad’s Easter baskets. Of course these were all done on the sly since they are supposed to be a surprise. I’m certain they will love them and they will probably be making a maiden voyage to Easter Sunday mass.

DSC_0036.jpg DSC_0037.jpg

DSC_0034.jpg DSC_0035.jpg

Oh, they still need buttons, too.

I’ll get on that right after I finish the invites for the tea party we are having next week. Somehow it is that time again? Em thinks it is okay to have another birthday and go and get a year older, too. So she wanted a tea garden tea party, and that is what we are planning on giving her. Here is the start of the tea party frenzy…


Again. Why do I always design these elaborate things that require all kinds of cutting and assembling? I have to go finish putting all of these together. But I’m looking forward to seeing your Spring craftiness today, so leave it…

11 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. I LOVE the teabag invitation!!!!! SO worth it! And the sundress turned out REALLY well! Great use of the existing features like the ties. How I long for crafty time *sigh*…still holidays are nearly here!!!!!!

  2. Wow Bean. Emma’s dress is adorable. What a cool idea. The tea cup invite is so cute.

  3. Both of them are so exquisite — and so you!!!! The dress is so feminine looking. I love that model — so professional looking. Those invitations are to die for! I don’t know why you choose the invites that involve a lot of work — but they are sure worth it when they are finished.

  4. Those invites are fantastic! You are just so creative with them. Lucky little Em!

    The knot dress is really cute, too! I would probably put elastic in the back on the next one, so it expands easier as they grow, but the pleating is really pretty, too. :)

    I have some stuff for me today, well, also a project for Kai’s classroom. That wasn’t too exciting but it took me forever to get done. I thought it would take 4 hours. Multiply that by 2 and that’s how good I am at gauging my sewing time. ;)

  5. Don’t you just love it when plans work out just like you envisioned them. That apron dress is just perfect. So, so cute!! I love how the art purses turned out too. You really rocked the craftiness this week. Those invitations are adorable. A garden tea party sounds like so much fun.

    I have a little craftiness up today.

  6. Isn’t it rewarding to be able to bring an idea to life like that? What a creative use for vintage aprons. Are you going to put those in your Etsy shop? And when is Emma’s birthday? Raya’s is next week too. (And girl, you need a cricut machine if you’re going to keep it up with those awesome cut out crafts you’re always doing!)

  7. Good golly woman, you are so productive in one short little week! The apron dress turned out simply darling. And those teacup invites – Cuuuuute! Looks time consuming to make, too. I have N’s Easter dress done…but waiting until next week to show it. :)

  8. Everything is beautiful…. but, hold up… you can not tell me it’s Emma’s birthday again. Didn’t she JUST have one?????

    Of course…looking at the invitation again I can see I’m very behind on my blog reading. That party was this past weekend???? On the 10th? Where is the time going?

    By the way. While you were having her party on the 10th… Ana was hitting her 21 month old mark!!! 21 months!!!!

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