Sunny Days Ahead ~ Best Shot Monday

The rainy days were a nice change from the endless, sunny LA days.
They also provided a good excuse for some cozy, movie-filled afternoons.
But, I think we all (kitty included) were a little relieved to have a few days reprieve from the rain.
And a chance to open up the doors and feel the crisp, fresh air on our faces, er…whiskers.



8 thoughts on “Sunny Days Ahead ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. Aw, sweet kitty!

    We have been enjoying the sun ourselves and are off to Balboa Park for a day of fun. Enjoy your week~


  2. Very cute! Around people probably would have said the same thing. We had some freak snow and lots of rain and everyone is pleased as punch about it, except for me. Bring on the sunshine I say! LOL

  3. Oh, you are so lucky. It is dreary and cold here. I can understand why you moved from the cold to the warm. Definitely a nicer way to live.

  4. Awww, sweet kitty! I can almost feel my whiskers twitching in the brreze looking at that image. Okay, that just sounded weird…but oh well!

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