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This is the time of year that, like most, I try to make some sort of resolution. Although I really don’t like to call them resolutions because if I think of them as resolutions, I think they tend to not get accomplished.

Last year, besides the usual vow of trying to “get healthier,” I resolved to be a little nicer to myself and try to cut myself some slack. I think I kind of succeeded. I know that I am in a much happier place than I was even last year. And I did a pretty good job of accomplishing everything I wanted to, although I’m still struggling with that saying “no.”

Looking in

When I really sit and have a look at it all, I have realized that having a nice long to-do list, volunteering at all the school events, helping out at church, having a little crafty business, running a Daisy troop – it all adds up to one big, chaos-filled life. But man, it is a fun and very good life. I really do love every minute of it.

So no resolutions this year. I’m going to just go with the flow. Continue on as we have been doing and see where this year takes us.


8 thoughts on “Looking in ~ BSM

  1. Seriously, that is one cool photo! The “fisheye” perspective is so cool. I have a few ideas in mind for things I want to work on this year, but I haven’t written them out or dubbed them resolutions either. I wonder if that’s a trend this year?

  2. Great “reflecting”. I agree really. I think I’ve got things on a pretty good track and can tell when I need to get back on. Hopefully.

  3. Great shot!! I hear ya…but I do like to list things and CROSS them off!! My list is not too heavy, a lot of changes that I am well on my way to doing anyways. Not setting myself up for dissapointment.


  4. Oh that is an excellent shot! We got a Christmas card from someone that had done something similar except the whole family was mirrored in a red Christmas ball. Very cool. :)

  5. what a fun shot. i’ll have to remember that for next year. glad your 2010 is already shaping up to be a good one!

  6. What an awesome post, Carrie! How wonderful to be in a place where you’re overall content and satisfied with you and the life you’ve built around you. Rock on!

    Oh, and AWESOME shot! I didn’t take any cool Christmas-y pics this holiday.

  7. Great shot Carrie. I love how you can see you, Addie and others int the background. Hope you guys have a great year!

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