This & That Thursday

Thursday again? That was a quick week!


Poor Addikins. Did you happen to hear the screams yesterday? She had to have 5 shots. (That is 1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE!!!) It was terrifying. For Mommy. I got a flu shot first to show her how easy it was and then had to HOLD.HER.DOWN. while she was stuck five times. Did I mention she had five shots? The poor thing. It was a wee bit traumatic.


Therefore, pretty much anything Miss Addie wanted yesterday, she got. “Mama? My tummy really thinks it wants McDonald’s for lunch.”


“I will go up and pick out my own clothes for the park, Mama.”

Alrighty then.


Yep. She really did go out like that. And, Yep. I really did tell her she looked fabulous.
All I know is…my arm aches. Those flu shots don’t mess around. Ouch.

J. is on the first of his whirlwind October travels and we are all missing him already. So to fill our afternoon we headed to the park, after we picked Em up from Chess Masters that is. Yes, you read that right. Chess Masters. She came home so psyched last week about the club that teaches you to play chess! And you get to play with a life-sized chess board!

So, we said, why not? It might make for some craziness for a few years, but she needs to explore and figure out what really gets her excited. Now when Addie gets to this stage and I can’t keep up with the two of them, I’m going to have to put my foot down and make them start choosing. But for now, she has added Chess Master to her repertoire.


I think that taking a break from my camera, is very smart for me. I feel like I get to the point where I get stale and uninspired. And then after a few weeks of not looking through my viewfinder, I find that I am pleasantly surprised when I download my photos at the end of the day.

My new favorite photo of Em…


This one isn’t too bad either. I love it when she scrunches her nose up like this.


I have high hopes that this weekend is going to be productive and relaxing at the same time. That is possible isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “This & That Thursday

  1. Oh, my. That first picture of Addie is incredible. Capturing that moment, however upsetting it was, is priceless!

  2. Oh, poor Addie!! :( Five shots….err, one shot is no fun!

    Those are lovely shots of the girls and I love Addie’s outfit….esp, the boots!


  3. Do those girls actually keep getting prettier — or is just me?! Don’t bother answering — I already know the answer. If anyone can make a week-end great — it is you and those 2 girls. Hope it is a great one for all 3 of you!

  4. 5 shots!!!! Man, oh man. Poor thing. I think taking a break from the camera is definitely a good thing. You can’t force it. Your photos look amazing too.

  5. My almost-6 year old neice not only knows how to play chess…she can beat her brilliant dad. These smart kids are almost scary! 5 shots, geez louise – poor kid! I don’t know why you commented on the outfit tho, looks pretty tame compared to some I’ve seen! The camera break definitely did you good, you’re on fire. That first photo of Addikins, totally LOVE it!

  6. I love that first shot of Addie. When I took Francesco for his 3 year visit I thought all he needed was the Flu Midst, I was wrong he still needed his 3rd HIB. I felt terrible holding him down, but the nurse was so fast. I of course stopped at Dunkin Donut afterward, and he was fine.
    I totally agree with taking a break from the Camera. I am doing that now because I had taken so many uninspiring shots, you know the kind you just delete before you even upload them. I am going to change lens too, that helps sometimes.
    Chess Masters sound really cool!

  7. For goodness sakes! Why do they have to give them all in one go????? I know A Freeman and Dr O’C insisted that Boy Z get his shots one at a time. They only do them altogether for their own convenience. Or do you think it was better to get them all out of the way? I hate shots :-( i LOVE Addie’s outfit though :-D

  8. Oh gosh, that first shot of Addie is priceless! Shots are so hard. On kids and mommy’s too. How cool that Em is getting into chess. Kids fascinate me with their diverse interests.

  9. hahaha – good luck when it comes time to make the girls choose….let me know how that goes and how you managed to do it!
    With 3 there is always a whirlwind of activity and someone coming and someone going! Are all three going at the very same time to 3 very different places! :)

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